20 April 2017: Matchfunding in bloom. Spring flourishes at Goteo

This is the time of the year when life springs vigorously, and at Goteo three matchfunding public calls are blooming with a focus on culture, heritage and education.

MetaKultura! comes back to our lives and next Monday, April 24 the 2017 edition will be presented in Gipuzkoa. If you want to discover more about the last edition click here.

Strike a match for Education. Enciende la mecha para la educación, promoted by Europeana Foundation in cooperation with Goteo Foundation, after selecting the three most innovative educational projects using the Europeana digital cultural heritage their campaigns will be launched on Wednesday, April 26, so they will need your support to become a reality! 1821 Greek Revolution History Platform (educational portal related to the revolutionary period of the Greek War of Independence and promoted by Personal Cinema network), Gli animali in the Great War / Animals in the Great War, (eBook of the Great War from the perspective of the animals "participants", by the Oltre-confine collective, and Capturing Fashion in the 20th Century with Frieda Verhees' Study Collection (documentary on fashion design of S.XX to preserve the collection of Professor Frieda Verhees, promoted by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and MoMu).

Fem Educació, promoted by the Jaume Bofill and Goteo Foundations, it is addressed to promoters of open projects aiming at systematizing organization models or designing methodologies in the educational field that could make the educational community grow. 40.000€ are allocated for this, and up to 20 projects could benefit from them. Call open until May 24!

As usual, we have a lot of campaigns which are thirsty for your drops (and donations), drops for filling up the pool of the "social" gym Sant Pau of Barcelona (which launched an express campaign), drops for restoring schools, drops for supporting a 1.200 meters of altitude festival, or for recovering eco-knowledges. Let’s water!

Recovering traditional knowledges
To research , gather and showcase the traditional knowledges from Valencia region
Arrelant el territori
By: Asociación Arrelaires
Arrelant el territori
Categories: Cultural
Facing the increasing disappearance of crafts, practices and local traditional knowledge (eco-knowledge) as well as the unceasing detachment of human beings with their environment’s resources, we propose a research, compilation and valorization of this eco-knowledge, allowing relations between different generations and the oral transmission between the people who keep them and those who want to discover them. The project aims, initially, to create a digital and open database that gives...
Co-financing: Minimum € 4.895 _ Optimum € 9.955
Remaining: 20 days
To equip the school
Restoring the infrastructure of the resident children rooms.
Blue Sky School - Tanzania - Ventanas y armarios
Blue Sky School - Tanzania - Ventanas y armarios
Categories: Social
Blue Sky is a school that was opened more than two years ago, near Nambala, Leganga and Tengeru´s area (a few kilometres far from the second biggest city in Tanzania, Arusha). The school has a high percentaje of sponsored children, as they families can´t afford the costs of their education. Throughout some funraising campaigns, some projects in the school could have been undertaken to improve the infrastructure and the education quality. Thanks to these campaigns, in the last months there...
Co-financing: Minimum € 1.812 _ Optimum € 3.922
Remaining: 25 days
Fourth edition
Taking care of some budget item of the based in the Cazorla Natural Park festival of music
Música en Segura 2017
By: Daniel Broncano
Música en Segura 2017
Categories: Cultural
Música en Segura es un festival de música en el pueblo más silencioso del mundo: Segura de la Sierra, a 1200 metros de altitud, en pleno Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, en Jaén. Con sus 140 habitantes humanos - y muchos más gatos - Segura aún conserva la espectacular belleza de los pueblos sin maquillar y por ello constituye el inusual punto de encuentro entre nuestro público venido desde lo más lejos y desde lo más cerca con nuestros carismáticos artistas...
Co-financing: Minimum € 2.500 _ Optimum € 4.300
Remaining: 24 days
Let's save the Raval district
A space of popular resistence fighting for social inclusion against housing speculation
Salvem el Sant Pau
By: Gimnàs Social Sant Pau
Salvem el Sant Pau
Categories: Social
El gimnàs Social Sant Pau ubicat al barri del Raval de Barcelona, te més de 1100 usuaris dels quals 600 no paguen cap quota. Tenim diferents projectes socials adreçats a col·lectius. El gimnàs és un espai de resistència popular dins al barri que respon a la realitat i necessitats del veïnat, per una banda adaptem l'oferta d'activitats a la diversitat cultural, social i de gènere, i per l'altra tenim una linea d'obra social amb ajudes a les persones més vulnerabilitzades. Des...
Co-financing: Minimum € 10.500 _ Optimum € 20.070
Remaining: 7 days
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