Gli animali nella Grande Guerra/Animals in the Great War

Eman € 5

"Animals in the Great War" - Free access to study material

Book reviews

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"Animals in the Great War" - Teacher and Student tools

Research tools with descriptions and commentary of sources

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"Animals in the Great War" - Teacher Tools

Guidelines to lessons plan

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"Animals in the Great War" - Teacher Tools

3 hours e-learning theoretical and practical seminar

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"Animals in the Great War" - on-line launch conference

The eBook launch conference with the participation of scholars and experts

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"Animals in the Great War" - Sponsorship

If you are an organization committed to environmental protection and animal rights or a cultural foundation, and you think it's worth supporting this project, support it! Your donation will receive our public gratitude and your logo will be printed on the e-Book's fourth cover.

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Thank you so much!

02 | 06 | 2017
Thank you so much!

We have just achieved our first round campaign goal!

To everybody, family, friends, colleagues, unknown backers "Thank you so much!" (Grazie di cuore!)

Now it is time to move towards 'the optimum'.

Keep on, please, supporting 'Animals in the Great War', sharing our project through your social and professional network, in order to reach the widest possible audience.


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