1821 Greek Revolution History Platform

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Hace 7 urteak
Translations : The realization of the 1821: Greek Revolution History Platform by the Personal Cinema collective and its collaborators will be by default in the Greek and English languages. Collaborations for translations into other languages are warmly welcome.
Orain dela 7 urteak
Hello, I might be able to do some translation work into Spanish (from either Greek or English), but I would need to know more details first (amount of work, deadlines, etc.). I hope you make it!
Orain dela 7 urteak
Hello Beatriki, thank you very much for the kind offer and wishes! It is a bit too early to know these exact details, but we can be in touch as the campaign is still ongoing. warm regards from Athens :)
Hace 7 urteak
Workshops and seminars: Collaboration with initiatives, institutions and educational groups, is also sought for organizing workshops, seminars and presentations, both online and offline. And of course, to promote the campaign.